Saturday, August 11, 2012

Makeover Time!

Time for a new...
Open 8/11/12 through 8/18/12
Take this week's prompt as an opportunity to breathe new life into old work. Pull out your creations from way-way back or, if you have a shop, pick out an item that has had it's listing expire. Re-imagine and re-work old pieces , whether it's adding on or simplifying, to take them to a new level of fantasticness.

Leave a link in the comments to your "makeover" creations, and be sure to include before and after pics. I'll show off your work (as well as my own) next Saturday before announcing next week's prompt!

Last week's prompt was called "An Unlikely Duo", and we had a grand total of one participant. Me. It's cool, I'll just keep doing this until it catches on.

So, my randomly chosen components were these two:

 Both are made by me over a year ago. Experimental things that went pretty well but never found a home in a finished piece. The "pod" bead I made from a tutorial in the book Ancient Modern, and the toggle I think was intended to go with the spotted beads that eventually ended up in the Desert Sands necklace. I'm really happy to have finally used it, because I'm kind of proud of some of the features of it's construction. The ring has a big brass washer inside to keep it super sturdy, and somehow I managed to do that braiding around the washer and get all 3 strands to meet up seamlessly. I'm not sure I could replicate it if I wanted to. The bar of the toggle is equally tough- it's got 16 gauge steel wire inside it.

So, here's my creation.
 I haven't listed it yet because I'm not sure how I feel about A) The mix of symmetry and asymmetry. And B) The hangy wire part. I like it, I'm just not sure I want to leave that much exposed wire. I feel like I should wrap it in some fibers or hammer it or something. Helpful ideas would be much appreciated.

 I dry-brushed some ivory paint on both the pod and the clasp to make them a wee bit more matchy. And I got 3 doodlebeads into this design. That's the most doodlebeads on one necklace ever, unless a customer has made a mega-doodlebead-necklace and not shown me.

On the left side is a strand of abalone shell buttons, which I recenly procured a ton of. I like them because they're totally different on each side. The fronts are all shiny and pearly, but the backs are rough and rustic, which is equally attractive to me, because I'm a grunge-aholic.

The right side is all tube beads that I made from Bettina Welker's wildly popular (amongst the polyclay community) tutorial. I have more that will go up in the shop soon, as well as some round ones with the same pattern and colors.

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