Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars, Fish, Booze....there's no theme here.

Skirt from GoChaseRabbits
Poster by TheDailyRobot
Happy Friday, folks! Apparently today is some sort of Star Wars nerd holiday "May the Fourth be with you", and, while I'm more of a Doctor Who geek myself, I do have a tiny obsession with Artoo Detoo (R2D2), and thought I'd celebrate by sharing some rad Artoo loot.

iPhone skin by killerduckdecals
 OK, enough nerditude.

I listed this necklace yesterday...

Desert Sands
and a new pair of Fish-In-Your-Ear earrings.

Hey, There's a Fish In Your Ear
 I went through several different versions of these fish to get just the right balance and size. In the process I discovered that my right earlobe is about 3 times as thick as my left. Took me 30 years to notice that, but now it bothers me all the time. I'm a lopsided freak show! Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, although this version is very durable and wearable and comfortable and cute, I've recently discovered while I've been wearing mine that there is one thing I overlooked. You have to hold your phone about half an inch away from your ear while wearing them. It's not a big deal for me- I just use speakerphone- but, I thought I'd mention it for the sake of full disclosure.I'm counting on customers to be willing to make the small sacrifice in the name of fashion.

I also re-listed these earrings.

Teeny Tiny Teapots

Tonight I'm in sketchbook mode, making plans for entries to this month's Art Bead Scene challenge and Copper Diem's Cocktail Hour Challenge. Here's a wee sneak peek of my first cocktail-inspired brainstorms.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love that necklace. While my hubby is a star wars nut who, oddly, gets annoyed when i call it star trek, I cannot keep c3po and r2d2 straight to save my life.

  2. I love those fish earrings! And if they are a bother when talking on the phone one can just do what my husband does--he NEVER puts the phone up to his face, but keeps it out a couple inches away. I find I'm always saying 'I can't hear you' when we talk on the phone. So annoying.

    Anyway, I love that necklace, and can't wait to see the results of the challenge pieces. Thanks for the chuckle today.