Saturday, May 12, 2012

I like big earrings and I cannot lie.

Oh man. Please forgive me for the title of this post. It was actually the least sexual-innuendo-laden title I could come up with. We try and keep it somewhat PG13 around here. 

Is the gargantuan earring fad dying out? I hope not, because I love them. I would wear dinner plates as earrings if I wasn't afraid of ripping my ears right off my head. For week 19 of the 52 Earring Challenge I went BIG.

These babies started with the white filigree pieces, which were actually a pair of antique clip-on earrings that I ripped the backs off of. I wired them onto a hammered loop of steel wire and then just went to town adding things. Just by chance those filigree pieces fit in the hoops perfectly. I gave all the metal a rusty black finish, and that along with the white and lime green accents make a really unique combination. They've got a little tribal, a little Victorian, a little retro kitsch... and they kind of look like dreamcatchers.
Industrial Dreamcatcher Assemblage Earrings

They're actually pretty light, despite their size. But I'm guessing anyone in the market for earrings that touch their shoulders isn't really all that concerned with comfort.

I'm kind of in love with them.I may have to keep them and wear them a few times before I can let them go. Is that against the rules? I'll change out the earwires.

I think that this 90's picture of Chloe Sevigny started my big earring fascination.

See how giant earrings instantly make you sassy?

Also, if anyone knows where I can buy door knocker earrings that exact shape and size, please tell me! I have hunted far and wide for several years.

And, while we're on the topic of earrings. Check out these awesome ones Kim just listed. I want them.

Hot Pink Crescent Earring
Don't forget, folks, that we're having a sale this weekend. I marked all our Spring Picnic beads down 15% before we put the sale on, so those are and extra great deal, and they're flying out of stock. There are only 2 of our Lemon Lime Citrus Slice Carved Disc Beads, so if you've been eying them, get 'em quick.

 But wait, there's more! 

Today my Cotton Candy Cephalopod barrette was featured among a whole bunch of rad octopus-themed things over at The Tote Trove. Check it out! I know that owls win the contest for Most-Popular-Critter-on-Etsy, but I have to say, I lean toward Team Octopi and am glad to see others appreciating them.

Last but SO not least, I got some Tesori Trovati goodies in the mail today. What a great treat to come home to! 

On the right is the Imagine castle pendant that I've been drooling over for a month.  On the left is a reset button pendant in  Erin's "Simple Truths" style that I custom ordered. I will explain it's significance to me when I get it strung onto something cute and wearable...which I can't do until I finish up the custom orders and half-done projects on my table. That's going to drive me nuts. Better get working!


  1. Ok I nearly peed myself because I was thinking - boy she looks like Chloe Sevigny! - hahahaha Big earrings rock! lol

  2. ok, now I can't get that song out of my head! I LOVE making big earrings, but I can't wear them (and I can not lie!) ... but boy can you pull that look off! well done

  3. Those are gorgeous! And I will admit, I had that CD, the remix version, and BLARED it in my early 20's!