Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coming up in May...

Wow April is over. Was it just me or was that the longest month ever? It was a great month for sales in the shop- perhaps our best ever. I love sending my creations out to travel the world. Thank you customers! We will gladly feature pictures here of our customer's wearing our jewelry or creations with beads from our shop. Send us pics any time.

I haven't listed anything in a few days. Forcing myself to list daily has made me never ever want to list again. Every time I get to the field where I'm supposed to be describing the item, my mind goes completely blank. Or worse, it fixates on one adjective and and I find myself writing some ridiculous paragraph that has the word "rustic" in it 17 times. This month I'm going to try something different- I've scheduled specific listing days so that I don't have to interrupt my creative process quite as often. I have different "modes"- the creative mode and the marketing mode. It's difficult for me to switch back and forth too often, so maybe this will work best.

May is filling up with fun stuff. Here's what's on the schedule so far...

M A Y   E V E N T S

2- BTW, new ABS challenge
3- Listing day
5- 52 earring week 18 reveal, Cocktail assignment for the Cocktail Hour blog hop
6- Listing day
7- I reveal the challenge and blog hop I’ll be hosting!
9- BTW
10- Listing day
12- 52 earring week 19 reveal
13- Button Swap Blog Hop Hosted by Sweet Bead Studio
15- Listing day
16- BTW
18- Listing day
19- 52 earring week  20 reveal
20- Supply Swap blog hop hosted by Lisa/ Flights of Fancy
22- Listing day
23- BTW
26- 52 earring week  21 reveal, Cocktail Hour Blog Hop Hosted by Copper Diem
27- Listing day
30- BTW, Honey Bijou Hive, ABS challenge Blog Hop

I'm cooking up a really fun Bead Table Wednesday post for tomorrow. Come back and check it out!


  1. Wow, you've certainly got a lot on your plate! And that is not counting all the stuff you need to do around the house, or extra activities beyond making stuff. My May is turning out to be the same--and June is looking even worse.