Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick day/ BUTTONS!

"I'm so bored, Mom."
I'm drafting this blog entry from bed today, since this illness I've got has rendered me vertically challenged. I've got my snugly pup on one side of me, a giant stack of old National Geographic magazines on the other, and a belly full of Subway sandwich that my dad brought me, so being sick isn't all that bad at the moment.

I'm going through the National Geographics for images that might work well for 1-inch pendants like the one on my radioactive gelatin necklace. There's a section in the back of most issues called "flashback". That's a gold mine for interesting vintage images. Check out this one:

These little German girls are wearing Scarlett caps which were traditional symbols of youth and vitality and are believed to be the inspiration for the story of Little Red Riding Hood. History, fashion and fairytale all in one image! I may colorized this picture if I do decide to use it. Back and white doesn't really relay the story well enough.

Oops, I fell asleep for 5 hours between the last paragraph and this one. I feel about 70% less like death now. First thing I did was check my email and there was a blog comment notification with where someone was just gushing, “I love this blog SO MUCH!” and I was like, “AWWW!” and then I realized it was a follow-up comment to one I left on someone else’s blog. Boo.

I guess it's time to reveal some buttons from the swap that Sweet Bead Studio is hosting! I've been seeing other people sharing what buttons they got. I guess my partner, Kristi Harrison, and I were really on top of this one, because I've had my buttons and my creations with them done for a week or so. It's driving me nuts just sitting on them until May 13 when it's blog hop time. But, I suppose it's OK to just reveal the buttons themselves...

First, here's what I sent to Kristi-

I made the 2 celestial ones and the others are picked out of my collection by my niece (I could not make up my mind!). I made the card by texturing gesso with the handle-end of a paintbrush and then working on top of it with watercolor crayons and pencil. Photo credit goes to Kristi. I forgot to snap a pic before I sent them.

And here's Thingette showing off what Kristi sent me-
Vintage, mother of pearl, and in the middle a ceramic beauty made by Spirited Earth. I can't wait to show off what I made!

Every time I work with buttons I get this song by Sia stuck in my head. I love the video. I totally used to do the tape-on-my-face thing all the time when I was little.

Reminder- Just a couple days left to take advantage of our Earth Week freebies!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear you were so sick. I hope you're feeling better now. I love seeing the pictures of the buttons you sent and received. The little card you sent you buttons on is super cute. And, I like the way you wrote the descriptions around the buttons. Neat, neat!!