Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Radioactive Gelatin. No, really.

I got started on my work for the day first thing in the morning and still I'm scrambling last minute to get things listed and blogged. I WILL get the hang of this! Eventually. In my defense, today is my dad's birthday and I had daughterly duties.

So, the piece that I gave ya a sneak peek of yesterday is spawned from another tutorial of fanciful devices' (No Solder Folded Tin Bezel). Over the weekend I picked up this 1933  Knox Gelatin cookbook and knew it's images were soon to become pendants (This is before the no-new-supplies promise, BTW.)

 There is something so ├╝ber-kitschy about gelatin dishes. Especially vintage images of them. And then cut into 1-inch squares they become little funky abstract artworks until your brain works out what it's looking at.

Radioactive Gelatin Necklace

The image is some horrifying gelatin dish with olives and pimentos in it. Bonus: The images are on different pages than the recipes, so I can include the recipe when shipping the necklace!

Today was also Bead Table Wednesday. I snapped a pic while I was glazing the tube beads.

You can check out what's going on on other people's bead tables today by visiting the BTW flickr group.

The rest of the tubes are now available in our shop in sets of 3.

Spotted Neon Tube Beads
 Tomorrow: Shrink plastic! Eeee!

Now for some "This or That" questions for you to answer in the comments:

Jello, pudding, or fish fingers & custard?
Green olives or black olives?
Lemon or lime?

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