Thursday, April 19, 2012

New listings, reduced prices, a giveaway...all the good stuff!

Today was a gorgeous California day and the urge to be outside far outweighed anything else on my to-do list. Nevertheless, I did manage to list some things, and I even got my art blog updated for the first time since last November.

If you follow us on flickr, you may remember these.

A little birdhouse in your soul
Birdhouse In Your Soul Necklaces

I made them back in January while I was anticipating Springtime and having a temporary obsession with house-shaped jewelry components. But then I completely forgot about them until today. So, I listed them and priced them to sell quickly so they can find homes and get worn and loved before Spring is over.

Click to see the listings for: Green & Yellow, Blue & Yellow, Pink & Green, Pink & Blue.

I also put this necklace on sale at 20% off. It's been our most popular item for people to use in sets on polyvore. Check out the outfits that polyvorians have come up with to pair with this necklace-

I'm on day 4 of my self-appointed restriction from buying new supplies and I'm starting to twitch and writhe with fiendish cravings. It doesn't help that some of my favorite beadmakers are showing off their new pretties all over the place. Like, this "Imagine" castle pendant by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati and these yellow wild rose beads by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio. Castles and yellow roses are 2 of my most favorite things! (Must suppress urge to sing that song from The Sound of Music.) How dare you creative, talented temptresses!

BUT, signing up for giveaways can help quell the cravings, and Rebekah is holding an awesome one.

This is just one of 3 sets of beads that's up for grabs. I had to eenie-meenie-miney-mo to pick out which one to post here because they're all equally fantastic. You can join on her blog. Just know that if you win and I don't, I will mutter jealously unkind things about you under my breath.

Question time.

Do you go through phases where you're drawn to particular shapes or patterns? Hearts? Cheetah print? 

Do you know where I stole the title "Birdhouse in Your Soul" from?

Are you listening to music right now? What song?


  1. Hi Miss Jenna! Fancy seeing my name in your blog today. Sweet surprise! I had to google the title... They Might be Giants, right? I will have to youtube the song. As for what you are listening to now? How about "Banana Pancakes" by Jack Johnson. I am on a fling with him! Thanks for your sweet comment about the castle (secret...shhh...that one is my favorite too!). I do go in phases, but some things never phase out... like houses and nests. Usually I am more drawn to colors and patterns that go through phases. Since yellow is hard for me, I actually just bought a pendant from Nancy Schindler in a mango yellow. It will be a challenge for sure!
    Enjoy the day!

    1. Hey Erin,
      Yep, the title is from a ridiculously catchy The Might Be Giants song from 1990. My best friend had the album and loved it so much she could sing every track, in order, without missing a single lyric. I have it permanently seared into my brain.
      It's interesting that you have trouble with yellow. It seems a lot of people have that one color that the just tend to avoid. For me it's blue. I can make even the brightest shades of it go drab somehow.
      As for Polyvore- I put my stuff on there myself. They have a "clipper" tool for members to use to import images from other websites onto Polyvore. If one person clips an item, it becomes available for anyone on Polyvore to use. I can't clip straight from Etsy because a few years back there was a big Etsy/Polyvore war about copyright, (don't really get why Etsians were so against free advertising, but...OK) so I pin my listings to Pinterest and then clip to Polyvore from there. Kind of a convoluted process, but it gets us some extra traffic and it's super fun to see what outfits people put together with our jewelry!
      If I make it through this no-supplies deal, I'm heading straight to your shop to pick up one of those pendants as my reward to myself. Haha, I'm afraid I may be setting myself up for a huge shopping binge come next month. Uh oh. :D

  2. Oh! And how exactly did you get your things in Polyvore? I am intrigued..... E

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