Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meet Thingette

Meet our newest model, Thingette. You may be familiar with her fraternal twin brother, Thing, the actor who made his name on The Addam's Family.

On Friday I spent most of the day watching the live feed of the Etsy Success Symposium, getting ideas for improving our shop. It was mentioned many times that those of us who sell wearable things- jewelry and clothes- should use models for our listing photographs. I originally used my 2 beautiful nieces as models until we got creepers asking if the youngest (then 12) was single. That put an end to that. The only other reliable option was myself, but I'm not crazy about seeing my own face in the shop. Also, you may notice above, I do not have the daintiest hands for modeling rings and bracelets. I am built on Tyrannosaurus bones and constantly have cuts and ink stains and dirty fingernails. So, Thingette is the best option for right now. I made her myself. Can you tell?

Here are her tin foil bones.

OK, now, let's play a little "This or That?" in the comment section...

Addam's Family or The Munsters?
Tyrannosaurus or Velociraptor?
Manicure or Pedicure?


  1. lalala, commenting on my own post to see if I get email notification. VELOCIRAPTOR!

  2. I agree that live models can help with display, but the expense (in time, cost, and other issues, as you noted!) adds too much to the process for many of us. I can't even use my own hand to hold up earrings because I have a deformed thumbnail! Loving your solution.... I want to see how you end up using it and whether you think Thingette is presentable!