Monday, April 30, 2012

Honey Bijou Hive: April

The Honey Bijou Hive is a  monthly (month-end) feature here on this blog where I choose 5 polymer clay and/or jewelry artists ("The Hive Five") who’ve inspired me and share what I love about their work.

For more details about the Hive, see my first post.
Our super cool new graphic here started as a 1920's scrapbook cover scanned and shared by Cathe Holden. Thanks Cathe!

APRIL 2012’S HIVE FIVE ARE (In no particular order)…

1. Heather Powers/ HumbleBeads

How have I not mentioned Heather yet? She's like the queen of Polymer Clay Bead Land. Not only does she churn out beautiful beads like a one-woman factory, she's also the brains behind Art Bead Scene. Oh yeah, and she's an author, illustrator and a mama. I guess there are extra hours in a day over there in Polymer Clay Bead Land....where she my mind.

More Heather at: Her website, Etsy, Flickr, Facebook and her blog.

2. Kristi Bowman/ Kristi Bowman Designs

Kristi does some amazing stuff with metal clay. I especially love her sea-life-inspired designs and think I might have to snatch some up for use in some summery jewelry. She's also got a great design eye for finished jewelry pieces. I've been watching her submissions to the 52 earring challenge come in every week, and I love them all.

More Kristi at: Etsy , Artfire, Flickr, and her blog.

3. Lorelei Eurto

Lorelei uses her impressive command of color and balance to create gorgeous beaded jewelry. I imagine that every art bead she uses feels honored in their little bead-hearts to be part of her pieces. She's got an e-book out called Asymmetry Made Easy which I may have to get my hands on (Figuratively speaking. It's digital.) soon

More Lorelei at: Etsy, Flickr, and her blog

4. Roberta Warshaw

Roberta has a collection of little tiny stamps that she combines into larger original designs and apparently creates molds with to create raised reliefs. The longevity that she gets out of her tools is a great reminder that the most important tool we have is our own creativity- and Roberta's got a healthy dose of it!

More Roberta at: Etsy, Flickr, and her blog.

5. Lynda Moseley/SCDiva

Lynda keeps a high standard of precision and polish in all her works. Her sophisticated pieces do a great job of proving polymer clay as a legitimate artist's material, rather than just a children's toy as some regard it. She's mastered transfer printing like no one else I've ever seen, and her faux techniques are incredibly realistic.

More Lynda at Etsy, Flickr, and her blog.

As a little gift to our new Hive initiates, we have a badge which you may post on your blogs/websites/wherever if you like. Just copy the code and paste it where you want it.

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  1. Wonderful artists! I am familiar with all of them except Roberta. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow! thank you so much, i am so flattered! Your blog is lovely! I can't wait to look around!

  3. Wonderful stuff, I'm thrilled to be included!! I'm sharing!

  4. Thank you so much Jenna for all your kind words about my work. It is an honor to be included with these wonderful artists.

  5. Some of my favorite people, and new favorites that you have introduced me to! Such a lovely little shout out, Miss Jenna!
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Oh my goodness! I'm so honored to be one of the Hive Five this month, Jenna! Thank you so much!

  7. You're welcome!! Lovely what you made with the image!