Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Time Bead Table Wednesday

Oh hi. I broke my daily blogging rule and I don't care. I'm sick and grouchy and I'll write when I feel like it. Which,is now, I guess.

It's bead table Wednesday. I took lots of pictures of my bead table today, in various states of disarray.

 Damn it, I rotated this picture before I uploaded it and it just didn't take or something. Let's all just tilt our heads for a minute. These are random supplies I gathered up from my desk this morning.
  • Gold chain, leaves and faux pearls in a bag.
  • Glass slides in a bag.
  • A little bundle of wire links, wrapped in hemp.
  • More wire pieces, from a pair of earrings that I decided against finishing. 
  • Some cured discs of purple clay- color tests.
  • A cutout illustration of a little girl carrying a gelatin dessert of some sort.
  • 2 Doodlebeads from a new batch.
  • Seed beads.
  • Shrink plastic pieces, finished, but not yet utilized.
  • Yellow Bowenite nuggets.
  • Gray suede cord.
  • A little angel figurine. She lost her wings.
  • A bag containing blood amber, a jasper disc and a button.
 I grabbed my Doodlebeads and some hemp and drew some earring sketches. I always forget that a sketch of one earring is sufficient when designing a matching pair. Duh.

 I cut the pointy parts from shrink plastic.

 Shrunken pointy parts, blus some rouch cut disc beads. Not looking very attractive at this point.

 I painted the plastic parts with Golden fluid acrylics in bone black. I love that stuff.

 I was just going to seal the pieces with matte finish, but then I saw my gold spray paint and decided to spritz the pieces with it before sealing.

 Wrapped the pointy bits in hemp cord, found some faceted hematite beads that I wanted to include.

 All assembled, except for ear wires.

Eye Spy Earrings

 Next I connected the hemp-wrapped links and some of the suede cord, although I wasn't sure at this point where I was going with them. I stuck the 2 leftover shrink plastic discs on there, too.

 Considering some options. I pulled the jasper disc out, as well as this huge metal pendant that I used to wear back in my goth days.

 Opted for some polymer beads that I made a looooong time ago, plus a big glass disc. The necklace was closing in on being done, but I hadn't quite given up on the metal pendant yet.

Desert Flats Necklace
Done, without the pendant. I guess it's destined for another project. I'll get this necklace listed tomorrow.

And here's how my desk was left looking when I finally acknowledged the fact that I'm sick and went tumbling into bed to hibernate for the rest of the day. Those strawberries were delicious.

You can check out what's going on on other people's bead tables today at the Bead Table Wednesday flickr group.

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  1. First off, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who uses paint straight out of the bottle like that!

    Secondly, I really, really love that necklace!! Your old polymer beads are really cool and almost look like a cross between an enameled bead and a bone bead. I'm smitten with them!! They work fabulously with all the other tribal-like elements.

  2. Those earrings with the spikes are amazing, Miss Jenna! I love your ingenuity. Enjoy the day.
    P.S. I have a pendant almost ready for you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I love the earrings and Im happy to see that my favorite white beads of yours seeing the light of day! Ill try not to sneak out of your house wearing that necklace :)