Monday, April 16, 2012

2 new bracelets and boastings of my steely reserve

It's day one of my new daily dealy-thing and I'm scrambling at 10:30 at night to list, blog, and edit all at the same time before the day is over. I was feeling rather on top of it this morning, but then there were nieces and cookies and Kim and doggies know how it goes.

So, my newly made item of the day is for Sweet Bead Studio's button swap, and the blog hop for that isn't till the middle of next month . So, I'm skipping revealing that for the moment and instead I've listed 2 bracelets that have been hanging around on my craft table for far too long.

Copper and Aqua Big Bead Bracelet

 This one's especially for the big-wristed ladies. I make all of my bracelets big, but offer free size adjustment (it's a lot easier to smallify than biggificate), however this one is an exception. It can''t really be adjusted and wouldn't look right on the daintier-wristed anyhow. I mean no prejudice against the more petite, it's just that I know a lot more about complimenting big wrists because those are the kind I got dealt.

Asian-Inspired Bead and Button Bracelet

I'm in love with the colors on this one. I've had the beads for long enough that even if I had bought them new, they'd be vintage by now. But, they were already vintage when I got them. So, now they're double-vintage. Or something. I am too tired to be even remotely clever right now. Sorry.

Also as part of my dealy-thing I promised not to buy any new supplies for the rest of the month. I swear that as soon as I said that, every supplier on Etsy pulled out their coolest stuff and put it on super sale, just to tempt me. But, I have steely reserve. Plus, Roberta double-dog dared me to keep that part of the promise and you just don't take a double-dog dare lightly. It's serious stuff. Instead of clicking the "add to cart" button, I'll be clicking the "pin it" button and adding things to my new "Supplies. Me want." board on Pinterest.

Hey, speaking of Pinterest, are any Pinterester's reading this also getting a bizarrely large amount of followers lately?  I get 5-10 emails a day that someone has followed all my boards and then when I look at their profile I see we have hardly anything in common. And these profiles all have a random quote as the entirety of their "about me" section. It seems rather spam-ish, but I can't figure why or how spammers would benefit from using Pinterest. It's peculiar.

Total usage of words I invented myself in this post: 8.

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  1. Bahahahaha!! I adore the invented words in this post. Most specifically: smallify, double vintage, and super sale. But my FAVORITE is biggificate. LOVE IT!!

    I've seen quite a bit of Pintrest spam followers too. I don't get it and simply don't follow them back, I can usually tell by their pictures if they're spam. . .there's usually quite a bit of cleavage showing in the spam ones ;)