Saturday, March 17, 2012

Late to the St. Patty's Day Party

Hi folks. Happy St. Patty's to those of you that celebrate. It's 10PM here and I just realized it was St. Patty's 5 minutes ago, so I guess you could put me in the "doesn't celebrate" category. However, I will share this etsy treasury of green things from my favorite shops. That's festive, right?

In other news, the guilt trips worked (just kidding) and Kim has been busy making jewelry lately. I've only seen a couple of pairs of earring so far, but I'm excited to see more from her soon!

Speaking of Kim, I had her over the other day and asked her to help me detangle the contents of my, "I'm gonna list these things some day" box, and she gave me hell for all the jewelry I have made, but not yet listed. I really have a whole 'nother shop's worth of stuff ready, but....listing is hard. I much prefer making stuff. Kim is right, though. Must list things. People will not come to my door and ask to buy things out of tupperware boxes. So, tomorrow I will get the rest of my Spring bead designs listed, and then I'll make a deal with myself to get at least two things a day put up in the shop until everything's out there for the world to see. So, check the shop often in the near future. Treasures will be popping up daily.

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