Saturday, March 31, 2012

Honey Bijou Hive- March

The Honey Bijou Hive is a  monthly (month-end) feature here on this blog where I choose 5 polymer clay and/or jewelry artists ("The Hive Five") who’ve inspired me and share what I love about their work.

For more details about the Hive, see my first post.

March 2012’S HIVE FIVE ARE (In no particular order)…
Note: This month I tried compiling photos on my phone, and some things got messed up (poorly cropped, pixelated, etc.) I apologize to the artists whose work isn't being represented in the best way possible and I urge readers to follow links to see better images of these works.

1. Hope Smitherman/ Crafty Hope

Hope is a Mixed Media jewelry artist and dabbles in all sorts of techniques for creating her own components. She then further mixes it up by using her components in combination with beads made by other artisans. I love checking out her blog because every day she’s playing with different materials than the day before, constantly keeping things fresh and experimental.

More CraftyHope at: Etsy, Flickr, and her blog.

2. Marina Rios/ Fanciful Devices


With this artist I’m teetering the line between inspired and obsessed. Upon finding her work I suddenly wanted to change my entire style and the materials I work with. Marina makes amazing found object/altered art/assemblage type jewelry. I can’t even identify some of the items in her work, which I think proves her talent at pulling objects out of context and redefining them as jewelry components.

More Fanciful Devices at: Etsy and her blog.

3. Elsa Mora/ Elsita


 Elsa’s jewelry is just a fraction of her incredibly detailed body of work. Whether it be polymer, embroidery, paper cutting or paint, all her pieces are stylish, evocative and unique. Her painted polymer pendants are little pieces of precious folksy art on chains.

More Elsa at: Etsy, Flickr, her blog and....kinda everywhere.

4. Camille Young

Generally I don't pay much attention to the more cartoonish things people do with polymer clay because that’s a whole other genre in itself, but Camille dances right across the line between genres quite gracefully. She clearly has a strong background in  illustration that shows in all she does, and she translates that art form into really fun jewelry.

More Camille at: Her website, store and Flickr.

5. Rocky Antonio/ RockyBeads


I found Rocky through a Polymer Clay Daily post about her Matryoshka Doll lockets, which are just about the cutest things ever. It seems lockets are her thing, since her shop is full of them as well as lots of beautiful sculptural jewelry work and a healthy dose of whimsy.

More Rocky at Etsy, Flickr, and her blog.

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  1. What a great line-up of inspiring artists! I saw a few favorites and the majority were new-to me artists. Thanks for sharing their varied and beautiful work!

  2. Elsa’s jewelry is so inspiring to me!! thanks for the great line up Jenna! <3 love this months VIP's <3

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me!!:) Its such an honor to be featured along with great artists that I also admire! I will be linking your blog to mine and sharing it my fb page. :D

  4. You are beyond sweet to feature me with these other AMAZING artists. I feel honored to have been included in this group. Thank you so very much!!