Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday and TV nostalgia

It probably wont be Wednesday any more by the time I get this posted, but I'm sharing my Bead Table Wednesday photo anyway.

Bead Table Wednesday: bouquet beads and salt-textured beads

In the forefront are some big beads in some Easter-y colors that I made with absolutely no ideas in mind for what to do with them. I just had this notion that I wanted to make beads with bouquets on them that were in translucent pots that you could see the stems through. So...I did. The others were originally going to be little cratered moons, and I spent about an hour creating little perfect craters on one side of each bead and then I realized that in order to do the other half I'd be squishing the first half with my fingers. So, I decided instead to just make some salt textured beads, hoping the effect would be similar. Not so much...but, I do like my idea to stain the white antiquing with yellow, orange and red alcohol inks.

My bead table today is actually my desk. I'm working on projects here and watching classic Beverly Hills 90210. I've been re-living the 90's through old TV shows while I work a lot lately. I think it's kind of showing in some of my jewelry, too, like these earrings inspired by the opening sequence of Saved By The Bell.

12/52 earrings

"When I wake up in the morning and uh something-something-something and I think I'll never make it on time. Something about books, and I give myself a look, I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by..."

I also have a bunch of Pee Wee's Playhouse inspired pieces in progress, but that was an 80's show, wasn't it? Kim was teasing me the other day because I have been talking about making Pee Wee inspired jewelry since before Honey Bijou existed. Why, you ask? Because not only was that show a staple of my youth, it was also a living, breathing piece of artwork through and through. I will stop myself there because I could really make a whole blog post on this topic alone- and I will, when I debut the jewelry. In the meantime I'll just share some snapshots of the one Pee-Wee piece I happen to have here on my desk. I will probably never put this one up for sale for fear that it will end up on Regretsy, but perhaps some of you-if you grew up with Pee Wee as I did-will understand the personal appeal of a neon-colored plastic tribute to him.

Do you love it? Then why don't you marry it?!

The front panel is polymer clay stamped with a handmade texture plate and topped with a transfer image of Pee Wee that I altered with colored pencils and paint and distressed with sandpaper.

Ok now, time to coax you all into commenting by asking questions in hot pink text...

Do TV shows ever play a role in sparking your creativity?

What are you watching lately?

Fan-art type jewelry: Nerdy, awesome or both?


  1. Fan-art type jewelry: Nerdy, awesome or both?

  2. Great beads on the table today! I have to say I've never seen anything like your Pee-Wee inspired bracelet! Very cool. And of course I remember that show! I can't say that I'm ever inspired to create jewelry these days from tv shows because I practically watch NO tv. Just no time in the day for it! ;-(