Thursday, February 2, 2012

From Sketchbook to Fruition

We've gained a few new followers recently (Hi!), so I'm thinking "Eh....maybe I should post more often." Between our Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, DeviantArt and here, I'm always behind in posting somewhere.

So, how about some process pics? Those are always fun.

Yesterday for Bead Table Wednesday I shared a peek into my sketchbook with the flickr group:

I recently rescued the painted beads in the photo from their life of being stuck on a really ugly necklace that no one was wearing. I generally don't call any jewelry ugly, because everyone has their own taste and whatnot- but....this necklace just didn't do those gorgeous beads any justice. They had been paired with a whole bunch of black plastic beads- the kind that are so cheap that they have a seam going down the middle. Such a tragedy. So, I snipped those babies free and started drawing up some designs to incorporate them into earrings for the 52 earring challenge I just joined.

Then today I made some components for them:

The hearts are for a different project. Spoilers! Pretend you didn't see those.

And then I assembled 3 pairs of earrings:They didn't turn out exactly like I had imagined or sketched, but there a heck of a lot closer to the sketches than a lot of my work ends up being. Usually I get to the actual "making part" and realize I can't do quite what I sketched without breaking laws of physics, so adjustments need to be made.

I want to know from other jewelry you sketch first? If so, how close does your product resemble what you had in mind when you sketched it out?

These new earrings will hopefully get listed in the shop this weekend, along with a ton of other things in my overflowing "ready to list" box.


  1. It's very interesting to see your creative process, from sketches to the end. Earrings are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for joining the challenge!!! I really love that you are posting a bit more about the story of the earrings you made and show some sketches, too!!! I have to addmit, I dont do much sketches that you would call that really. But I have promised myself I will go back to sketching more often again. I used to do that a lot....Right now I often just go with the flow an play around. At least with small things, like earrings....;-)) You components are wonderful, too!!!