Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Art Bead Scene Challenge

I had so much fun with November's ABS challenge, that when December's rolled around, I did way too much planning, had way too many ideas, and created way too many variations, none of which ever got finished. So, this month, the goal in mind was to just keep it simple. That's a difficult thing for me to do, but I think I succeeded.

The image for this challenge is a wallpaper design called "Trellis" by William Morris.

I focused on the flowers and foliage and made this bracelet.

I made the flower beads with a mold of metal flower bead I had, by making 2 castings for each bead and then sandwiching them together. The sandwiching part was really difficult to get right, and I later realized I never really needed a mold for such a basic flower. So much for keeping it simple. However, my convoluted way of going about it made for some cute wonky variations, so it's OK.

This connector piece has 2 soda can tabs embedded into it. I've been experimenting with using recycled metal objects as jewelry elements.

Perhaps my favorite part of the bracelet is the hook, which I accented with a vintage bead and button to make it special.

Be sure to check out everyone else's entries in the Art Bead Scene Flickr group.


  1. It is really lovely. I like the way the molded beads came out. The shading on them is great.

  2. Thanks Roberta! I did that with a few drops of alcohol ink and I was really impressed with how much interest it added to them.

  3. Sweet sweet flowers! I love that you used recycled soda can tabs for connector ends too. It's a lovely bracelet!