Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A heck of a bead table wednesday

I just recently got a heat gun and have been using it with liquid Kato for glazing my beads. I'm so crazy about the glassy finish that I've been creating beads like mad, plus yanking out old stuff, just so I can glaze glaze glaze everything. This is everything that was on my table last night.

My favorite of my new super-shiny things is the one here on the left.

I took a drawing of a lotus from my sketchbook and transfer printed it onto translucent clay, so it's a little ghosty. Then I glazed it about a bazillion times.

I still need to figure out what to do with the backs of transfer print beads. Ultimately I'd like them to be printed the same image on front and back, but that would likely take 2 cycles through the oven and necessitate lots of sanding. Anyone have any tips on doing transfer prints on both sides of beads and pendants?

Check out the Bead Table Wednesday Flickr group for more beader/beadmaker's messes.

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