Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why buy handmade?

   If you haven't noticed yet global manufactures have left us all purchasing furniture, clothing and  all decorating the same. when visiting friends or family homes its easy to spot Ikea items or clothing bought from walmart/target. Personally im tired of everything/everyone looking the same and feeding giant corporations more of my hard earned money only for them to get larger and push more  mass produced items down our throats. Not to mention the impact mass production has on our environment. That is why I buy handmade items. Not only do you take production back and into the hands of the local community you support a way of life that is not dependent on mass production.

  Seems like a lot of people miss out on how much more a hand made item is worth compared to factory made items. Someone who buys handmade has the benefit of gifting an item that is one of a kind with significant details you could never find in a major chain store and at the same time support an artist/crafter who made the item with care and attention to details. Guaranteed its not something a machine popped out in a matter of seconds that looks exactly the same as the following. Handmade items add charm and details to a room separating it from it neighbors. Be it jewelery, clothing, decorations or furniture you gain something unique and one of a kind when its hand made. Someones time and effort and talent makes handmade items worth so much more.
So when your out shopping for the holidays try to remeber that handmade gives much more then you think.


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  2. Good post and reasoning for buying handmade. I have to admit that I buy most of my clothing as mass produced, but when I'm looking for gifts or something special for myself I love the uniqueness of handmade items.

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